Private beading lessons

February 7th, 2011 by Fiona

I now offer private beading lessons in my home in Lake Bathurst,  NSW (a rural area half and hour south of Goulburn and an hour north-east of Canberra).

These lessons can be for one or two people – but if two people, both must want to learn the same techniques.

Cost for one person is $125 per day (6 hours plus about half an hour for lunch). This cost includes printed workshop notes.

Cost for two people is $105 per person. Cost includes printed workshop notes.

I am available to teach private lessons in many kinds of beadwork – both bead embellishment (AKA bead embroidery – i.e. stitching beads onto textiles using needle and thread) and off-loom beadweaving techniques.

Bead embellishment techniques available include:

Basic techniques

  • beaded backstitch
  • bead couching
  • bead stacks
  • regular fringing
  • branched fringing
  • regular beaded edging (brick stitch variation)
  • picot edging
  • peyote stitch beaded bezel around a cabochon

Intermediate techniques

  • using ladder stitch to build up surface design/decoration
  • using brick stitch to build up surface design/decoration
  • using herringbone stitch to build up surface design/decoration
  • using twisted herringbone stitch to build up surface design/decoration
  • beading the void – regular netting stitch
  • beading the void – freeform netting stitch
  • beading the void – freeform right angle weave

Off-loom beadweaving stitches available include:

  • peyote stitch (many variations, including even-count, odd-count, flat, circular, tubular, freeform, etc.)
  • brick stitch (flat and tubular)
  • herringbone stitch (Ndebele) (flat and tubular)
  • twisted herringbone stitch (tubular)
  • St Petersburg Chain stitch (very popular Russian stitch)
  • Spiral rope
  • zig-zag chain
  • daisy chain
  • ladder stitch
  • right angle weave
  • freeform right angle weave
  • netting
  • fringing (regular and branched)

You can also do any of the beading workshops listed on my website, including specific projects.

If you wish to do a two-day (or longer) private lesson, you may be able to stay at the cottage on our property (subject to availability). The cost is $50 per person per night. You need to arrange this with me at the time you book your private lesson.

I am available weekdays and weekends for private lessons – subject to availability. Please contact me to arrange a particular date for a private lesson. I will give you an idea of how many techniques you can manage in one day, according to your current skill level.

I am very happy to teach beginners! All you need is the desire to learn the techniques, and the ability to use needle and thread.

The lesson fees do not include lunch, or any beading supplies. You can bring supplies from your stash or purchase what you need from me during the lesson. I can provide a requirements list at the time of booking your private lesson if you require one.

I provide portable magnifier lights for students to use while attending the lesson. I often also have these for sale – please inquire prior to the lesson if you wish to purchase a magnifier light (to make sure I have one in stock).

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