Off-Loom Beadweaving Workshops

Circle-play: Mastering Freeform Right-Angle-Weave Beadwork

Two-day workshop

This workshop is suitable for all skill levels

Workshop description:

With just beads, needle and thread you can bring many creations to life. In this workshop you can discover the joys of using the versatile beadweaving stitch called Freeform Right-Angle-Weave. This stitch is easier to learn than the regular Right Angle Weave, and produces delicate-looking lacy beadwork.

Work on your own design to create jewellery, a decorated box or even a sculptural piece. You may like to incorporate various textiles, or even create beadwork to drape over a particular item (perhaps a lovely bottle or other form). Larger wearables drape beautifully over the body and feel wonderful to wear. All pieces will be unique.

This class may well be the most fun you’ll have while going round in circles!

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Topics covered in this workshop: 

  • Free-form right angle weave beadwork technique
  • Looking at various applications for this beading technique
  • Preparing various textiles for use with this beading technique



Peyote Stitch “Bonbon” Bead Necklace

One-day workshop

This workshop is suitable for all skill levels

Workshop Description:

Discover how to make your own peyote stitch ‘Bon-Bon’ beads, and then combine them with other beaded elements to create a vibrant necklace. The ‘bon-bon’ beads are made using beading needle and thread, and even-count peyote stitch. The beaded links which complete the necklace are made using regular jewellery tools (pliers), plus findings (head pins etc.)

Peyote "Bonbon" Bead Necklace 1      Peyote "Bonbon" Bead Necklace 2

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • Basic even-count peyote stitch technique
  • Zipping up the peyote strip to create your bead
  • Completing your peyote beads with end beads and simple wire loops
  • Beadweaving basics: starting and finishing your threads; keeping good tension in the work; conditioning beading threads
  • Making additional beaded sections for your necklace
  • Attaching appropriate findings to complete your jewellery