Welcome to the homepage of Chiatanya Designs—run by designer and tutor Fiona Hammond. On this site you’ll find information about creative workshops offered by Fiona, and you can view a selection of her jewellery, textile art and quilts. Please browse through Fiona’s photo galleries and enjoy her colourful approach to her many creative pursuits.

Fiona is a mixed-media artist whose love of beads, textiles and fibre has led to an eclectic array of wearable and non-wearable pieces since 1999 (fuelled by her lifelong passion for all things crafty and creative) – everything from contemporary quilts to jewellery and sculptural forms.

Her main modalities are beadwork, quilting, kumihimo braiding and coiled basketry. She is well-known for her love of vibrant colour and a somewhat quirky aesthetic.

Fiona loves to combine mediums for her creations, for example textiles often feature in jewellery, and beading appears on textiles. Her quilts usually have a contemporary feel, and show a strong colour confidence. Beading with seed beads is a constant source of pleasure for Fiona and this is reflected in her one-off jewellery pieces as well as bead embellishment of textiles. Her quilts and jewellery have appeared in Australian quilting and beading magazines, as well as exhibitions, shows and competitions. She has received many awards and prizes for her work over the years.

Fiona is an enthusiastic teacher in the field of creative arts and crafts, and loves to share her knowledge and skills with her students. She is very willing to travel far and wide to teach her workshops for groups, shops, guilds, symposiums, retreats, etc. She also offers private beading workshops at her home studio, for up to two participants at a time.


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Two of my coiling adventures from 2014 – both were made for the ATASDA biennial exhibition at the Palm House Gallery, Sydney Botanic Gardens.

The exhibition was titled Future…Past, and all artworks made by entrants had to take their inspiration from something in each artist’s personal past.

The piece pictured above left is called Dancing Platter, and it references my treasured 1980s Carlton Ware teapot with legs, as well as the colourful clothing I loved to wear in that decade.

The piece pictured above right is called Contained?, and it references my love of creating containers of various shapes to house all kinds of treasures. 🙂


"Botanical Oddity"

“Botanical Oddity”- a small art quilt, measuring 54 cm x 50 cm. This quilt has won several awards, including the Down Under Quilts Best Use of Colour Award at the Canberra Quilters Exhibition in 2008.

Fiona Hammond is passionate about making jewellery, textile art and quilts, and loves to teach others how to make their own jewellery, quilts and textile art pieces. Her many years of teaching all kinds of topics, from primary school classes to Diploma of Aromatherapy courses and now her craft workshops, have instilled in her the joy of teaching and sharing her creative ideas with others through her workshops. She loves to inspire her students to try something new and have fun along the way. New workshops are constantly being developed, tested and then made available. Comprehensive written notes are provided for all workshops, for a nominal cost. Kits are sometimes available for specific workshops.

“Zippity Do-dad” beaded sculpture, 2010

“Zippity Do-dad” beaded sculpture, made for the Art award Winners Exhibition at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery in December 2010. This piece represents 3 months of my working life in 2010. It is made from cotton fabric, interfacing, Japanese seed beads, freshwater pearls, zippers and nylon beading thread.

Fiona is willing to travel far and wide to teach her workshops for guilds, retreats, symposiums, shops, craft fairs, etc.  She also now offers private beading lessons at her home – see workshops: private beading lessons for information.


Read more about Fiona in an interview on art quilter Neroli Henderson’s blog, here http://eiloren.blogspot.com/2010/05/interview-series-fiona-hammond-quilt.html

The above item, Six-Part Harmony, was awarded second prize in the Professional Small or Wall Quilt category at the 2012 exhibition of the Quilters Guild of NSW (seen at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Sydney in June), and third prize in the Art Quilt category, plus the special Batik Fabric prize (sponsored by Claire Ayling Bali Batiks and Mandelson’s of Goulburn) at the 2012 Canberra Quilters exhibition (seen at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Canberra in August). It also received first prize plus the champion ribbon at the 2013 Royal Canberra Show.

Fiona originally made this wall quilt for her joint exhibition
Textile Trio, held in April/May 2012 at The Q Exhibition Space in Queanbeyan, NSW. She shared this exhibition with her two friends, Wilma Cawley and Sandra Fisher.

Fiona’s desire when designing this quilt was to create several small “quiltlets” and see if she could successfully bring them together in one quilt. To this end, she pre-quilted the background to allow the main quilting lines within the quiltlets to continue out into the border area. This helps to establish a flow from one quiltlet to the next.

Fiona now has a new two-day workshop available, based on Six-Part Harmony. In the workshop participants will either deisgn their own two quiltlets or use two adjoining panels from her Six-Part Harmony quilt to create their own contemporary wall quilt, using the techniques and concepts that she used in her quilt. For more information about this workshop please see the Two-day Quilt Workshops page.